THE MOST EXCITING YEARS OF MY LIFE begun when Trav entered the picture. One of the best qualities that I find in him is creativity, which has carried through in our relationship. I remember him taking us cherry picking on our first date, paddling around Stow Lake on our second date, and making the most delicious deconstructed grilled cheese by our third date. He has always found ways to sprinkle creativity into our daily lives, which makes our time together so fun and memorable.

Trav is also very kind, grounded and light-hearted. In all honesty, I didn’t fancy the idea of marriage prior to dating him, but he shed my doubt and showed me how good life could be with the right person. He is also my favorite person to travel with because he appreciates all things and embraces new experiences. I just couldn’t imagine a better life partner!




SOFI IS THE KIND OF WOMAN you can’t help but feel lucky to fall in love with. Armed with her razor sharp wit, a killer smile that won’t quit, and a bright, hearty laugh, she’s an absolute wonder to be around. I find her most attractive qualities being thoughtful, adventurous, and ambitious. She’s also sassy, silly, fun, and generous. Not to mention she’s HOT.

I remember meeting Sofi at work—and her incredible smile. After enjoying several lunches together, I quickly learned we were gifted with amazing chemistry. We elevated our status to more than just friends shortly after. A large part of where and who I am today is due to her. She challenges me in all the right ways, supports me when I need a pillar of strength, and pushes me to be a better man. It’s because of these attributes I knew she was the one. I couldn’t be more excited embarking on the next adventure of our lives together.

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Sofia met Tracy as an outcome of a hostile takeover. He took over her desk at work, showed no remorse, and somehow turned out to be a semi-decent guy. She knew she had found a true friend when she became a regular guest at his dinner parties. Three things that Sofia can always count on Tracy: 1) No-nonsense (“I’m not worried. Did you see me flinch?”) 2) Honesty (“Put that hideous dress down and walk away.”) and 3) Moral support (“You’re good at your job. Get over it.”). Sofia hopes Tracy will bring all of the above qualities to our wedding party.


Julia and Sofia met on a client account that rhymes with “hell.” The account didn’t stick, but their friendship continued to bloom. Julia is the definition of America’s sweetheart – funny, bright, genuine and easy-going. You can’t help but feel joy around her.


Lauren has the most incredible personality and it shines through and through. She also kicks ass at everything she does, which makes her Sofia’s favorite partner in crime. When Lauren says “Let’s go conquer the world!,” you have no choice but to follow her lead.


Shanley sits across from Sofia at work and is a total riot. The girl could easily quit advertising and become some sort of professional comedian. Shanley is also an avid reader, pizza lover and stylish fashionista. She cracks an average of five good jokes a day.


Stephanie is a woman after Sofia’s own heart. She loves food, travels the world and masters new challenges. She is also the kind of person that would give the shirt off her back to a friend in need. Sofia would be lost without her help planning for the big day.


A fabulous friendship was forged in Madame Lee’s French class almost two decades ago—Mel and Trav have been the best of buds ever since. One memorable adventure was traveling to Stockholm, Sweden to watch the San Jose Sharks play, eating a ton of pickled herring, and getting stuck in New York on the way home. A classy lady with an unrivaled appetite for culinary perfection, Trav couldn’t be more proud and honored having her at our wedding.


Trav first met Ken at Hawai‘i’s dragon boat race. After graduating from university they often met for lunch while working in downtown Honolulu. A few years and 50,000 emails later, Trav coaxed Ken into moving to San Francisco. Now when they hang in the bay it’s pidgin to da max and local kine grindz.


Trav’s known Matt since the beginning of time… Wait, wrong speech. Matt’s the fun-loving cousin he grew up with in Hawai‘i. An ocean separated them for awhile, but they made the most of their time together. Matt first introduced Trav to Bu La‘ia and now shares knowledge of his whiskey collection.


Perry is Trav’s easy-going cousin from the Great White North. Whenever they meet, these voracious foodies scour the land for the best eats. (Their current record includes hitting five restaurants in a day.) By day Perry is a rock star web developer—by night he’s helping Trav build this wedding site.


Wil is one of Trav’s oldest and best pals from Hawai‘i. They grew up Chinese lion dancing and practicing martial arts for years—making quite a formidable team. Trav later had the honor of designing Wil’s wedding invitations and gained valuable experience—circles are better in digital than in print.



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Sofi once got bitten in the butt by a deer in Japan. She now hates all deer.

Trav moonlights as a rodent exterminator. Current kill count: 24 gophers, 51 mice, 2 rats.

Sofi enjoys a good cry when her favorite characters get offed on Game of Thrones.

Trav’s guilty pleasure is watching Sofi cry during Game of Thrones.

Trav uses a heating pad for old sports injuries. Sofi got one too—so they can grow old together.



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    1600 Peak Atlas Rd, Napa, CA 94558

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  • Pizzeria Tra Vigne

    1016 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574

    Fantastic Pizzas
  • Gott’s Roadside

    933 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574

    Great Burgers & Ahi Tacos
  • Mustards Grill

    7399 St Helena Highway, Napa, CA 94558

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  • V. Sattui Winery

    1111 White Ln, St Helena, CA 94574

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